By Holly - 3/21/2012 08:24:00 PM

It's been several years since I hopped on a plane for a reason other than seeing family, which don't get me wrong is awesome. But - I miss travelling. Before Ryan and I got married, I worked for a real estate auction company, and I got to do a bit of travelling on their dime (is there any better way?)

After seeing THIS POST by Kelly Purkey, I decided I wanted to write down some places that I haven't yet had a chance to visit, but really want to go. I've never been outside the US, except in utero, so my list is rather long.

I'm hoping that as we get a little older, and a little more settled, Ryan and I will have the chance to travel together. We've made plans to go to California this summer and are tossing around the idea of a road trip, to stop at a few places we really want to see - we might even throw in a day at Disneyland, if we can swing it.

Well I've managed to contract strep and an ear infection on top of pink eye, so I'm off to bed a bit earlier than usual.

Holly & Co

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