Breaking away from kits

By Holly - 5/17/2012 07:27:00 AM

I didn't use to think I was a kit scrapper, but after the last year or so, of scrapping mainly with kits - making a layout without one, is increasingly more difficult.

I recently got some new non-kit goodies in the mail and having been trying to mix those up with some things that have been sitting in my stash for awhile. This layout came together fairly easily, although I originally had a few more colors in the mix, I decided to simplify it.

I still think I scrap more and more efficiently with kits, they will probably continue to be my main source for scrapping, but I like having my stash to use. I doubt I'll ever be a kit-only scrapper.

What kind of scrapper are you? Do you keep a stash around, even if you scrap almost exclusively with kits?

Holly &Co.

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