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By Holly - 5/22/2012 05:25:00 PM

If you spend lots of time browsing Pinterest - raise your hand.

Pinterest is such an amazing website and I love all the inspiration and ideas found there. However, it's a time suck. A BIG one. or it can be.

I find that I'm pretty good at referring back to what I pin, especially when it comes to recipes, but I thought it would be fun to start a Pinterest in Action feature, to show all of you some of my favorite finds on Pinterest.

Today's feature is Pesto-Chicken Penne Casseroles

The original pin is from Taste of Home via Here is the link to the recipe - LINK


The recipe states that it makes enough for 2 8x8 casserole dishes. After reading the reviews, I saw that some people said it made a lot more than 2. After I made the sauce, it seemed like a lot. I cooked up 2lbs of penne instead of the 1lb suggested by the recipe.

I ended up with 4 8x8 casserole dishes. Yep, 4. Thank goodness the package of aluminum pans I bought came with 3.

I've cooked it both fresh and frozen, both turned out delicious :) Great for days when you don't feel like cooking, or have unexpected dinner guests.

Holly & Co.

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