Real Smiles

By Holly - 5/01/2012 03:40:00 PM

You might be like me and have a "Cheesy Face" kid.
Yep, that's Zoe. It's probably because I take her picture so often, but when I say smile, I get....

Now this is definitely not the worst face she could be making, but I prefer her natural smile like this one...

I'm no professional, but I wanted to share a few tricks and tips I've found for getting the natural smiles, instead of the cheesy face.

1. Tell them not to smile. Say things like, "Don't smile, you better not smile, please don't smile for the camera, etc." Usually you get a kid who can't resist and will crack a smile.

2. Tell them to look for the pink monkey on your head. When Zoe gets distracted and isn't looking at me, I say, " Zoe do you see the pink monkey on my head?" Now, I've done this trick enough where she knows there is no pink monkey, but she humors me and points, "I see it!" and then I get my smile.

3. Ask them personal questions. Ask them their favorite color, or dessert. Ask them about their best friend, or their crush. Etc.

4. Make a fool out of yourself. Laughing is my favorite face to photograph. It's so really and the fun of the moment shines through the photograph. For little ones, tell knock knock jokes, or trip over something on purpose. For adults, especially couples, have them whisper in each other's ears. That's how I got this photo.

5. Take a break. Give them a drink or snack, or just a minute to forget there is a camera in their face. That's easier said than done sometimes, but when I just can't get Zoe to cooperate, that's what we do.

So There you go. Just a few tips and tricks to keep in mind the next time you're looking for that natural smile.

Holly & Co.

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