Playing Catch Up

By Holly - 1/26/2014 03:45:00 PM

I really haven't scrapbooked much the last six months.
Not sure why. 
I did a lot of creating and other things, but scrapbooking just kind of fell down the to do list. I use to crank out about a page every day or every other day.

So for the first time in a long time, I'm behind.
I've started pulling out pictures from last fall to work on and the creative flow is starting to come back and it's been really nice. It was also probably because I placed a large order at Paper Issues for some items I've been eyeing for months. 

(If' you've never ordered from Cassie at Paper Issues, I would highly recommend it! She always has coupon codes floating around and her shipping is lightening fast!)

For Zoe's first day of Kindergarten, I was with Ryan in the hospital having his back surgery. My mom was with Zoe for her first day. Before I left, I gave her a 30 second lesson on how to use my SLR camera. I was happy that she was able to be with Zoe and capture these for me.

I have been loving the new October Afternoon mini lines, and the Milk Money collection I knew would be perfect for these school pictures. Most of the items on this page are from that collection, with a few other bits from my stash.

In addition to using up new supplies, I've also been working on using bits and pieces from my stash. I try to use at least one item from my stash on each project. At that rate it won't really make a dent in anything, but it at least gets me digging through my stash so I can remember all the beautiful things I already have. 

Before I sign off, I've been working on a budget scrapbooking post and I would love to hear your thoughts or any tip or tricks that you have or use to keep yourself on track.

Holly & Co.

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