Happy Thanksgiving & Trip re-cap

By Holly - 11/29/2009 09:03:00 PM

We're Back!
And I forgot our camera when we left for Utah, so we didn't take many pictures. Hopefully we'll get some from relatives soon.

So back to the trip re-cap. Unfortunately, a violent stomach bug held a dark cloud over the trip. It started with me and bounced through my whole family, and is on to my extended family. (Sorry guys!)
But we still managed to have a good time anyway.
We did some shopping at the outlets.
We got to see extended family from both sides.
We ate a lot.
We met Gary.
We played games. (although not as many as I would have liked)
We visited Gardener Mill.
We had lots of pie.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.
Zoe played with cousins.
Zoe learned to ride the rocking horse all by herself.
We scored BIG on Black Friday.
Ryan attended the "Holy War" (BYU vs. U of U game)
We watched the snow fall.
We laughed.

Overall it was a great trip. My parents new house is Highland has a great view of the mountains. It was lovely to wake up to that landscape every morning. We got to see antelope run through the backyard, too. Zoe got to see horses outside every day.

We're glad to be home though. My package from Studio Calico came and I just held all the pretty stuff. I can't wait to use it.
Thanks to my in-laws for babysitting Campbell, she's a handful, I really appreciate it.

As tomorrow starts December, I'm hoping to get up some Christmas decorations tonight and get our tree up before the weekend. I have high hopes for my decorating this year as well as family pictures. I have Zoe's Christmas dress picked out already, now I just need a matching tie for Ryan and we're golden. We haven't ever sent out Christmas cards, but maybe I'll get to it this year.

Holly & Co.

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