December Daily: Dec. 1st

By Holly - 12/02/2009 09:42:00 AM

This year I've really tried to take more pictures, especially of Zoe doing every day things. I've caught some great moments and hope to continue to use my camera more and more. (Reading the manual and learning about all the settings helps a LOT!)

This year I decided to do a project inspired by Ali Edwards called December Daily. Basically, to document all the happenings throughout the holiday season. Ideally, I will advance to something more prestigious, like project 365, but for now, I'm just attempting one month at a time.
Yesterday, was December 1st, but it was also a crazy evening. I didn't get home to relax until after 8pm. I had grand plans to have Zoe start her advent calendar and take pictures of her opening the little box and eating the chocolate figurine, with our Christmas scented candle in the background....but life happens and Zoe was in bed by the time I got home. I decided we'll save the advent calendar picture for another day and took a picture of my Christmas present from my parents that arrived yesterday. Thanks Mom & Dad!
Isn't it pretty? This was my Big Black Friday score! We were waiting and waiting for it to be available online the night before but nothing happened, so we went to bed. Zoe woke me up at 2am, so after I got her back down, I decided to check if it was available, just in case. And it was! 3 or 4 clicks and it was mine. No standing in the cold, no long lines, no biting, fighting or scrambling.
For those of you who don't scrapbook, it's a Cricut machine, which is an electronic die cutter. (Basically, it will cut endless letters and shapes, at any size or on any paper I want) You can look it up on YouTube and watch it at work.
I barely had time to play with it, but am hoping after all the parties die down in the next couple weeks, I'll get to put it to good use.
Onto Dec. 2nd. XOXO, Holly & Co.

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