Crispy Fall Air

By Holly - 9/16/2010 09:11:00 AM

Crispy fall air....It's here to stay!
I love just the faint of a chill that's starting to become a permenant fixture in our days.

I love all things fall, and to celebrate, I indulged in a few fall essentials.

Shade clothing is liquidating and having an amazing sale. I bought this dress this morning for less than $20.

I have plans for this dress with a bit of layering and some jewelry, maybe even some boots!

I'm getting excited to head up to Apple Hill sometime in the next several weeks, maybe we'll visit more than once this year since it might be awhile before we get to come back.

Zoe last year at apple hill

Apple Hill leads right into my favorite part of fall...the baking...mmm.
Jamie and I made some white peach raspberry cobbler a few days ago, and I think it's all down hill from here. I can't stop thinking about apple crisp and sugar cookies and pumpkin pie.
(thank goodness I used the last of the butter for the cobbler)

What's your favorite fall food? If you've got a recipe, link me up!

Holly & Co.

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