Small Town Living

By Holly - 1/16/2011 02:36:00 PM

Our new hometown is about 5 square miles, give or take a couple gas stations and storage facilities. For the most part, I'm enjoying our new small town. But occassionally, things get interesting.

You have to double click on the picture below, and forcus on the door. If you look closely the figure in the door looks like a man, and not just any man, it's the Golly Green Giant. He hasn't moved since I first drove by him, almost 2 weeks ago. This must be his home during the winter.

Also, when you live in a small town + lots of snow, you are subjected to cabin fever. You find interesting ways to entertain yourself.

Here is Zoe walking around in my boots + her jammies. That was an interesting day.

One benefit of all this time inside, it actually getting some thing off your to-do list.
Ryan is working on my photo wall that I've been planning out for years, just never got around to to.

I'll show it again when it's all done and not just random.

I've got to get back to some cookies that are in the oven. Happy Sunday!

 Holly & Co.

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