By Holly - 6/14/2011 05:27:00 PM

there are few things more fun then dressing up like a princess.

Being coy for the papparazzi....

She even has red, sparkly shoes to match.

Thinking long and hard about important decisions....

:) Zoe and I had lots of fun taking pictures in her new princess dress.
She's never seen Snow White, but this dress was way cuter than the other ones.
And I'm a sucker for primary colors.

Summer is finally starting to show up.
We've played in the water twice this week,
 and I think we're gonna visit the Strawberry festival this weekend.
There is a carnival too, and that means CARNIVAL FOOD!
Funnel cakes, deep friend twinkies, cotton candy, footlong corn dogs and probably lots of strawberry flavored things!

Do you have a favorite treat that is only available at certain events or times of the year?
{Please share so I know that I'm not the only one who waits all year for conversation hearts or pumpkin pie kisses}

Holly & Co,

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