Faking Summer

By Holly - 6/07/2011 09:08:00 AM

I'm loving this year's summer, which has, up until this point and continues to be, below 80 degrees.
 As much as I dislike summer, Zoe loves being outside and playing in the water,
so this has posed a problem for her,

My Mom bought a beach ball that acts like a sprinkler and shoots water, and Zoe has been begging to play in it. The other day, I finally relented and I got it out for her, even though it was about 70 and windy.

She had a great time, even if she only lasted 15 minutes before her lips turned purple and she was shivering.

It's quite a difference then our California summers. I'm sure it's already 90+ there.
Well, worse comes to worse, we'll go swim at the rec center at the indoor pool :)
How's your summer shaping up so far?

Holly & Co.

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