By Holly - 6/10/2011 07:38:00 AM

This picture was in my "to scrap" pile, I must have forgotten about it.

Zoe is 6 months old in this picture.

It's a little more messy than my usual style, but it's fun to kinda go crazy sometimes.

Everything I used (except the mists) was from the Polka Dot Whimsy May kit.

I miss this baby stage.

I miss the cuddling especially. I'm lucky if Zoe gives me hugs for more than 2 seconds.

I think Heavenly Father made babies so adorable, so we forget the pains of pregnancy and labor and all the nights without sleep, and want to have more :) I am pretty sure I have forgotten. When I see pictures like this, I just sigh and want one right this second. I'm pretty sure when Ryan looks at old pictures, he sees the sleepless nights and pregnancy whines from me, he's not quite as ready to jump back into that yet.

Thankfully for me, I've got lots of friends and family willing to share until we're ready to have another one.

Happy Friday!

Holly & Co.

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