Zoe turns 3

By Holly - 6/04/2011 09:13:00 PM

This not-so-little-anymore girl turned 3 today. 

She is my world and I love her with all my heart. 
She tests me and pushes me to the envelope of my patience, and makes me laugh so hard I cry.
She has a soft spot for taking care of other people, especially when sick or injured.

She loves books and songs, especially when repeated often.
She is strong, both physically and emotionally. She is one tuff cookie.

She is loving and sweet. She loves to help.
She is a constant reminder than my Heavenly Father is well aware of my needs.
She was a surprise, but not an accident.
We needed her 3 years ago and I have no doubt she came when she was meant to.

I love the little songs she makes up and sings around the clock.
I love how quickly she learns new things.
I love her funny little phrases.
I love how much she loves her family.
 I love her love for life.

Happy Birthday to Zoe!
{all pictures were taken today}

Holly & Co.

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