Father's Day

By Holly - 6/17/2012 05:29:00 PM

I always get emotional when I talk about the bond I have with my Dad. I'm a very lucky girl. If you have ever met my dad, even for a brief moment, you understand that he is one happy guy - and he is always that way.

I remember telling my Mom once she was lucky to have found a guy like him, and she smiled and quickly corrected me, " I chose him." She was very clear - her choice to marry him was not an accident.
Something I am grateful for.

My sister's and I realized when we started dating, we were spoiled having him for a father.
We thought all men were like him. We were wrong.
He is thoughtful, sensitive and brings flowers for no reason.
He reads signals very well and knows when to offer some ice cream :)

My Dad had only girls for 13 years, until my brother came along. But that didn't stop him from teaching us to fish, to mow the lawn or play baseball. He also learned to curl hair (in case my mom was out of town) and had no problem shopping in "that aisle" at the store.

My Dad is my cheerleader, always encouraging me to pursue good, better, and bigger things.

I love my Dad - He is my Hero and I am so happy he is a part of my life.


I hope one day Zoe will realize the special man she has for a Father.

 I hope she recognizes the sacrifices he's made for our family and how hard he works

.I hope she counts herself  lucky to have a man that respects women as the head of our household.

I hope she tells him thank you, over and over, for all that he has given to her and for her.

I hope she always values his opinion and listens to it often.

I hope she never forgets how much he loves her. 

Father's Day is always a reminder to me, to remember to say thank you to the wonderful men in my life. I have been so blessed to have so many wonderful, good men in my presence. From my grandpas to my father-in-law, to my uncles to my brothers-in-law, to my friend's husbands, I am surrounded by good men. Which is a statement I am so happy I can make.

Holly & Co.

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