Our Trip to Jackson

By Holly - 6/05/2012 07:52:00 AM

Ryan and I decided to spend our anniversary on a day trip out to Jackson Hole, WY.
It's about an hour and half drive from where we are, and such beautiful scenery.
Jackson is mainly a ski town, so I thought it might be deserted this time of year - but I was wrong.
It is a busy little town full of independent restaurants and shops.
Ryan and I commented several times at the hometown feeling of Jackson.
 There were maybe 3 or 4 chain restaurants,
 but the rest were local, Ryan was very excited about that.

We ate a local bagel shop for breakfast and had some yummy mexican food for lunch.
Jackson is a walking town, but due to a large blister I aquired a few days before our trip, we didn't get to explore as much as I wanted.

Just before we left town, we stopped at Moo's Ice Cream, which had a line out the door. Yep it was definitely worth it. I got Huckleberry, which seems to be the berry of choice in Idaho and Wyoming, while Ryan enjoyed the classic, Mint Chocolate Chip, without the green food coloring.

And we couldn't leave without taking a picture of the antler arches. There are for of them, one at each corner of the park in town square. Definitely captures the theme of Jackson..

We grabbed Zoe a couple of souveniers, some polished rocks (she collects rocks) and a cute t-shirt, then headed back home over the mountains.

We had such a fun trip and avoided the anniversary curse this year - which made is\t exponentially better.
Thanks to the Stauffer family for keeping her entertained and full of sugar while we were gone :)

Holly & Co.

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