Summer is in full Swing

By Holly - 6/15/2012 08:49:00 AM

The smell of sunscreen is in the air. It stays light until after 8pm. We have had our fill of snow cones and ice cream. Our shoe basket is full of flip flops and we're sporting tan lines.

We've been spending lots of time out of the house, enjoying the warm(er) weather. Rexburg summers are wonderfully tempered, although a bit windy.

I got my Studio Calico June kit this week and promptly started making pages with it.

Kite die cut from the Silhouette store - LINK, SC thicker clouds - LINK, Studio Calico So Cal Kit - LINK, Studio Calico Venice Beach Kit - LINK
 You can use code HOLLYH for a 20% discount.

I've had these pictures since March and just never got around to putting them on a page, but with the bright colors and those sweet confetti butterflies, I thought this kit would be perfect!

I've also been working on this blog with some friends. It's all about things to do in our town with your kids. Take a minute to check it out HERE Let me know what you think. I did the blog design and the header.

I've also spent some time in front of the camera, thanks to my dear friend, Aly. A while back, I bought this blue vintage style polka dot dress. I commented to Aly, it would be fun to do a retro type photoshoot with the dress, and after some brainstorming a few nights ago, we decided to make it happen.

 It's not very often I enjoy having my picture taken, but she made me feel like a super star.
 Her website is HERE. If you are in the Idaho/Utah area - I highly recommend her. She's not only an amazing photographer, she's a great friend too :)

Well unfortunately, I can't be a rockstar all the time. I have to get back to folding laundry - such is the life.

Holly & Co.

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