Anniversary Curse

By Holly - 6/02/2010 09:55:00 PM

So I thought it was just bad luck, but I guess bad things always happen in three's anyways.
Our Anniversary seems to be a spoiled day every year. 
The actual day we got married though, was wonderful. Perfect Day.
However, June 2nd for the past 3 years, has been less than awesome.

Year One: I was very pregnant. I was so swollen I could even sit up. I had to lie down the whole night. My water broke less than 24 hours later.

Year Two: I made dinner at home. Ryan was about 2 hours late. Then I got food poisoning.

and .....
Year Three: Things were great until we came home from dinner. Then Zoe started puking. { and the worst part is, she kept saying," I'm so sorry mommy, I'm so sorry." ::breaks my heart::}

I'm intrigued to see what next year has in store....
But Ryan and I have accepted this fate and just roll with the punches that the anniversary curse brings us.

I'm hopefully going to have some fun news to share with you soon. So look for that coming soon. 
{No, I'm not pregnant.}

Holly & Co.

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