Thoughtful Tuesday - Week 1

By Holly - 6/29/2010 10:21:00 AM

 I'm instituting Thoughtful Tuesdays as a weekly blog entry.
A place for thankful lists, random acts of kindness shared, and other happy thoughts.

Today I'm thankful for listening ears. Both heavenly and earthly. These ears never grow tired of hearing my worries or self-doubts. They always respond with patience, kindness and understanding.

For my sweet husband, who can read me like a book,
and just knows when I need some time to myself or a hug.

For traditions. It may seem silly, but traditions have me looking forward to holidays and events for months ahead of time. I love being a part of something that was started before I was born.

ETA: Free ice cream sandwiches at work. Yum!

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Holly & Co.

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