December Daily: Dec. 21

By Holly - 12/22/2009 10:34:00 AM

Lunch date with Dad at Noodles & Co. {Beadhead included} Ok sorry for the week long absence. We were busy and then I got sick, like really sick so I'm starting to catch up on the December Daily posts. you'll have to scroll down and read them. Ryan is officially done with school! for the next few weeks anyway. We're trying to get over our illnesses while enjoying the holiday season and finishing up last minute wrapping etc. I'm excited for our next Christmas movie to get here from Netflix, I love watching Zoe point out Santa. {Even though she was scared to sit on his lap} Since we were sick this week, Zoe didn't get to wear her Christmas Dress :( But she'll wear it next week and I'll take pictures and pretend it was before Christmas :)
Holly & CO.

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