December Daily: Dec. 7

By Holly - 12/07/2009 02:04:00 PM

:::Insert picture of snow at my apartment, which mysteriously disappeared off my camera:::

"Snow, snow, everywhere snow!"

Few will understand that quote, as it is a Morgan family inside joke, but it brought me to out loud laughing today when I thought about it.

It snowed this morning. Yes, there was snow on the ground at my apartment in California. I too am shocked. But thrilled!

Back to the inside joke thing. We all tell stories throughout our lives, bad dates, other people's embarrassing moments which you were privilaged to witness, etc etc. Something we've talked about in our family when we tell these stories, is I wonder if I am the funny story that people tell at parties and get-togethers. It's inevitable that someone, somewhere has told a story at my expense, and I sure hope it brings their family or friends as much entertainment as the stories have done in my family. This is one thing I love about my family. When we're all together playing games or staying up late chatting, these stories seem to come out and put us all in fits of laughter.

Holly & Co.

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