Decision Time

By Holly - 10/15/2010 12:40:00 PM

It's official. We are moving to Idaho.
Unfortunately, Ryan didn't get in to BYU, so we're heading up to  BYU-Idaho in 9 short weeks.

{ let the panic set in}

Not Panic about attending, just about everything we need to do from now till then.

{ Deep breaths...lots of deep breaths}

We've been busy this week, studying, errands, cleaning, etc. so I'll just share a couple of layouts I made last week.

 I've been meaning to scrap these pictures from mini golf in Tahoe forever. I actually forgot about them until recently.
I loved that I got to add some memorabilia to this page, I knew there was a reason I kept that card. If you open that card, there's a tag with journaling about our day in Tahoe on there.
Hopefully when I'm long gone, my kids will actually pull the layouts out of the pages and discover these little pockets of journaling.

I made this right after out trip last week, like just hours after. I misted the white cardstock with cream Mr. Huey and I love how it turned out. I usually don't mist a whole page, just splothes, like you've been seeing, since my recnet discovery and addiction to using mists on my pages :)

We're finally going on our Apple Hill trip tomorrow, hopefully it goes off without a hitch and I bring back lots of fun pictures.

Have a great weekend.

Holly & Co.

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