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By Holly - 10/01/2010 03:34:00 PM

So...It's still hot here.
WAY too hot for  October. In October, it should be hinting about snowing,
 but I guess that's my, grew up in Denver bias.

(Seriously, we wore winter coats under our Halloween costumes 4 out of 5 times)
And this Indian Summer/blasted heatwave is totally throwing off my fall cooking groove.

I was hoping by now, I'd be baking loaves of pumpkin bread and lots of soup.
Instead, I'm throwing stuff together, like beanie-weenies and peas. That's a complete meal right??

Ryan has gotten into hummus lately and so far I'm liking the addiction. I wasn't a big fan at first, but it's growing on me. I'm dipping carrots and pita chips, any other suggestions?

I baked these breadsticks on Monday, and they were SO good. A lot like The Pizza Factory in Provo, UT. I spread garlic butter on them right out of the oven. I also subbed white sugar for the brown sugar and it worked just fine.

I love my breadmaker.

Not much going on here except for our Dr. appt horror story yesterday.

Zoe went to the Dr. yesterday and it was a total nightmare. She started crying before they even weighed her. Sigh, it was a long 2 hours. And to top it all off she fell asleep in my arms right before she had to get shots. I had to wake my adorable sleeping beauty, to get shots. Then after they gave her 3 shots,

she was crying saying, " I so sorry Mommy. I so sorry." Worst. Feeling. Ever.

Yeah, I started to cry as I was trying to tell her, the shots weren't a punishment.
The nurse cried too. I think she felt almost as bad as I did.
But Zoe was happy to go home, and while we were driving home,

she said, "You ok Mommy?"
to which I replied, "Yes Zoe, I'm Ok."
then she said, "You take a nap Mommy?"
I said, "Yes, Mommy will take a nap too."

And that's what we did. We came home, snuggled and took naps. Oh, and had pizza at Zoe's request.
She deserved it.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Holly & Co.

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