By Holly - 10/04/2010 12:52:00 PM

She is growing and learning at such a fast pace, it's scary.
 I'm constantly reminded how quickly they fade from one stage of life to the next.

She has a great memory.

She is independant.

She is aware of her emotions and other people's emotions around her.

She loves primary songs.
 Her favorites are ," I am a child of God," and "I love to see the temple."
She can sing both to you. All the verses.

She is loud. Her normal volume is a few notches higher than everyone else.
(this can make quiet places difficult for us to be)

She isn't afraid to dance.

She loves accessories, jewelry, hats, nail polish, shoes, you name it.

She challenges me daily.

She said her first prayer yesterday, with Mom's help.

She loves to read stories with everyone.
If I'm reading stories with her, and Ryan walks by the room, she'll get up and go and grab him by the hand and drag him into the room with us to listen to stories and vice versa.

She has perfected her fake cry.

She is surprisingly sweet at times.

She loves looking at photos and Mom's scrapbooks.
She also loves to take pictures, I see a trend :)

She occassionally gives awkwardly long kisses and it makes us all giggle.

Holly & Co.

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