Lego Love

By Holly - 10/24/2010 06:25:00 PM

New past time.

Thanks to Grandma, Zoe has learned how to build with the Legos, instead of just throwing them all over the floor. She still loves to throw them all over the floor but enjoys building with them as well. 
We build A LOT of houses and tree houses.

I took these a few weeks ago,on a lazy Saturday afternoon, similar to the one we had this weekend.

I've been gearing up for our Annual Primary (children's) Program at church. I was put in charge of the choreography and it took a lot of work by all to get all the kinks worked out at practice.It went off without a hitch! The kids did such a great job, even though they only had 2 practices.
 I'm amazed at how calm and quiet they all were. 
We have the best Primary.

I have been scrapping but haven't had a chance to get outside to take pictures, since it's been raining all weekend! Zoe and I made some banana bread and it's baking right now....
perfect end to a wonderful day. 

Holly & Co.

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