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By Holly - 10/12/2010 04:58:00 PM scrap things twice.
(if you want to see it bigger, you can click on the photo)

I made this 2-page layout over the weekend. All pictures from Zoe's 2nd birthday.
The page I had done previously, I didn't really like and it only had 2 photos on it that was very similar.
 I decided to include a few more for this set.
My favorite picture from that day is the one with the green lid on the left side.
 Jamie took that one. Zoe is pouting. It's just so typical her.

I still need to do a page with all the details from her party,
basically all my efforts need to be documented for my validation in spending hours on making cupcakes :)

On to making your own patterned paper...
I've had this idea in my head for a few weeks now and I finally got it out on paper last night.
It took me a LONG time but it was so worth it.
It involved alot more math that you'd think.

I haven't even finished the layout that goes with it,
but I wanted to show you the paper, before I cover it all up.
Lucky for me, my Cricut did most of the work.
I used scraps from my Cosmo Cricket Togetherness kit to cut all the patterned hexagons
and Bazzill Basics Dotted Swiss Cardstock-Salt for the white hexagons.  All the hexagons are 1.5 inches

I used plain white cardstock as a backing. I randomly laid out the pattern by gluing down one hexagon and building off of that. I don't know that that was the best way to start, as it did not make my pattern perfectly square, but I like how it's sort of falling off the page.

and voila, you're very own patterned paper! 

Happy Tuesday!

Holly & Co.

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